Johannesburg in Arms

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Subtitled "The observations of a casual observer", this book by Charles G Thomas takes a closer look at the events surrounding the unrest in Johannesburg in 1895 and 1896 -  a very exciting period in that city's history.

Thomas indicates in his preface that the book does not "...pretend to be a history of the struggle of Johannesburg to throw off the yoke of Boer dominion, or of Dr. Jameson's daring endeavour to aid the movement. Nor do they attempt to inquire how far that movement was a step towards the unification of South Africa, which is believed to be the policy of South Africa's master-mind. They simply record the impressions of a chance visitor to the town during the period of the rising, and consist for the most part of notes, hastily made during a time of great excitement, of events from day to day.".

A few photographs enhance the text of this 75-page, well-written book.

75 pages. English

Format : downloadable PDF (± 10Mb, zipped)