The Experiences of an Aide-de-Camp in the Anglo Boer War

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The experiences of an aide-de-camp in the Anglo-Boer War

The diary of Captain AW Speyer, DSO - the Aide-de-Camp to Major-General Sir Walter Kitchener - covers the period 1900-1902 and is understandably written from an English perspective on the events. Over the 26 chapters, Speyer describes his experiences from just before embarkation to South Africa up to the end of the war.

Speyer concludes his story with the following: "My story is finished and I lay down my pen with the sure conviction that it fell to the lot of few A.D.C.s to witness the sights I had been privileged to see for the space of two years during this memorable campaign. Surely it was good to have lived through those stirring times, and the impressions they created will remain with ineffaceable to all those who, like myself, enjoyed the good fortune of being spared to look back upon them."


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