Anton Anreith - Sculptor

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Johannes Meintjes'  rare book on the South African sculptor Anton Anreith is now available. 

From the foreword:

"Although this is a slender book, it covers all known material on South Africa's first European sculptor. It is the first book on him, the first artistic evaluation of his work and the first attempt to consider all his work or that attributed to him. With a book of this nature one cannot claim completeness as there is always the possibility of new material coming to light.

All the photographs are from the Elliott collection and they are reproduced with the kind permission of The Archives, Cape Town, to whom grateful acknowledgement is extended. I wish to thank all those who assisted me in making this study."

The book is packed with information about Anreith and his work, and includes photographs of the following of his works:

  1. Neptune
  2. Anreith's Cypher on a book cover
  3. The Gateway in Government Avenue
  4. Wax Model (Monkey) for Menagerie Gates
  5. Lion Gateway at the Castle
  6. Wax Model (Lion) for Menagerie Gates
  7. The Kat Balcony
  8. House in Boom Street
  9. Gates, 'Rust-en-Vreugd'
  10. The Groote Kerk Pulpit
  11. Specification for the Lutheran Pulpit
  12. The Lutheran Church Pulpit
  13. The Lutheran Church Organ Gallery
  14. The Rhenish Church Pulpit
  15. The Groot Constantia Pediment
  16. The Grand Parade with Fountain
  17. The Old Supreme Court Pediment
  18. The Norfolk House Pediment
  19. The Brand Homestead
  20. The Loop Street Pediment
  21. The De Klerck Pediment
  22. The Barrack Street Pediment
  23. The Cupid and Vulcan Pediment
  24. Store in Loop Street with Sphinxes
  25. Ivory Carving, 'Equality'

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