Personalia Der Periode van het Engelsch Bestuur oor Java

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This book, initially published in 1935 as part of the series "Bydraes tot die Taal, Land en Volkekunde van Nederlands-Indië", by Dr F de Haan, consists of 205 pages, the final 10 pages being an index of names (double-column pages, well indexed). A copy of the index, which contains a number of names with South African connections (such as Scott, de Bruin, McDonald, Buys, Bouwer, de Waal, Du Bois, Jansens, Meyer) can be downloaded here.

The names listed include those of both Dutch and English extraction, both officials and merchants. Quite a bit of information is provided on the listed persons, including country of origin, position, when they arrived in and departed from Java, where they left to, the types of businesses they ran, etc. A very rich source of information on this era.

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