Sandile - The Fall Of The Xhosa Nation

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In this very compelling book Johannes Meintjes provides us with a first full-length study of the Xhosa chief Sandile. Sandile's life-span covers the glory of Xhosa nationhood, the more important wars with the British Colonial Government, the national suicide of the Xhosas and also the tragedy of his personal story.

According to Meintjes, Chief Sandile - although not the most distinguished of them - was one of the last "...... great chiefs. He was a rascal and often weak-willed, but he was also gifted with intelligence and diplomacy and he was a great patriot with a cultural awareness years ahead of his time".

Several portraits - more than of any other chief - of Chief Sandile exist, including some by Frederick I'Ons and Thomas Baines. Reproductions of a number of these are included in the book.

An excellent bibliography and index is provided, as are more than 30 photographs and sketches.


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