The Old Cape Colony - her men and houses

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The personalia as well as houses of the time are discussed and a history of the areas listed below is also given. The author, Alys Fane Trotter, spent many a day and year visiting and sketching the old houses and estates and more than 80 of these drawings and sketches are included in the book. (She did most of these travels by bicycle, and it is to this "trusty steed" that she dedicates her book!)

The book consists of 12 Chapters

1. Table Bay Settlement
2. Simon van der Stel, Builder and Governor
3. The Younger van der Stel
4. The accusation of Willem Adriaan van der Stel
5. Early grants of Land
6. Stellenbosch
7. Drakenstein and Frenchhoek
8. Paarl, Tulbagh, Ceres and Beyond
9. Money, ships and China
10. From 1700 for 50 years
11. The Tavern of the Indian Ocean
12. Men and Houses

319 Pages. A bibliography as well as an index is also provided, with a large number of fine line-art drawings.

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