With the Boer Forces

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Hillegas, author of “Oom Pauls’ People” travelled with the Boer forces during the Anglo-Boer War and had many in-depth interviews with a number of the Boer generals and was present at a number of the battles.

Hillegas’ Preface in part reads as follows :

"In the following pages I have endeavoured to present an accurate picture of the Boers in war-time. My duties as a newspaper correspondent carried me to the Boer side, and herein I depict all that I saw. Some parts of my narrative may not be pleasing to the British reader; others may offend the sensibilities of the Boer sympathisers. I have written truthfully, but with a kindly spirit and with the intention of presenting an unbiased account of the struggle as it was unfolded to the view from the Boer side. I shall be criticised, no doubt, for extolling certain virtues of the Boers, but it must be noticed that their shortcomings are not neglected in these lines."

The book contains the following chapters:

1. The way to the Boer Country
2. From Farm to Battlefield
3. Composition of the Army
4. The Army organisation
5. The Boer Military system
6. The Boers in Battle
7. The Generals of the War
8. The War Presidents
9. Foreigners in the war
10. Boer Women in the War
11. Incidents of the War
12. The Strength of the Boer Army

24 Photos and maps are also included

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